Manual Integrative Massage
Not your typical massage. Direct, targeted, & Specific treatment,


Valerie is licensed by the Virginia State Board of Nursing.  She specializes in Integrative Manual & Massage Therapy by offering sessions that utilize her training in traditional massage therapies as well as methods that melt into the deeper layers of soft tissue using Swedish, Trigger Point, IASTM, Myofascial Release, and Orthopedic Massage techniques. Valerie is trained in scar therapy for surgical, burn, radiation, and other types of scarring. Scar management is one of the key components of rehabilitation and can play an important role in reducing scar thickness, banding, adhesions, and increasing the mobility and pliability of the scar. Valerie also specializes in  SMRT Therapy - Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique which stimulates lymphatic flow creates a natural unwinding and helps the body re-establish correct alignment

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